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KC Group Committee


At the AGM on March 15th 2014, 18 people were elected on to the committee.

At the committee meeting that followed the AGM the committee organised itself into the following structure:


  • Mike Oliver (Chairman) New Position
  • Elaine Nicolay (Vice-Chairman)
  • Chris Longhorn (Treasurer / Fundraising)
  • John Smith (Secretary / Webmaster)
  • Mark Bennister New
  • Phil Davis (Procurement)
  • David Gable New
  • Rosemary Johnson New
  • Anne Klepacz (new members)
  • Moira O'Brien
  • Claire Smith
Co-opted members
  • Matt Allgood
  • Julia Barby
  • Marian Bargery (West Midlands regional group co-ordinator)
  • Patricia Lessells (East Midlands regional group co-ordinator)
  • Elizabeth Mair (Scottish regional group co-ordinator)
  • Ali Miraj
  • John Thatcher
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