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An Appeal


Dear Member,

I am writing to each member of the Keratoconus Self Help and Support Group to request financial assistance so that the charity can continue to function and hopefully grow. As you will see from your newsletter, I am stepping down as Chair of the Group after 11 years at the helm. The Committee has had wonderful support from the members and thanks to the members the Group has grown and been able to organise many successful events and produce some high quality literature.

However, in order to function, a small charity like the Keratoconus Group needs funds. The Group has survived on donations since its inception, and although we have successfully sourced some grants our income is overwhelmingly made up of membership donations. We have never charged a membership dee and do not intend to, however we do urgently need financial support to continue to run the Group, publish newsletters and other material (including the conference 2005 report and DVD) and organise future events.

If you wish to donate to the Group (any sums, small or large) please complete the Gift Aid form here and post it to the Group at the usual address.

Many thanks for your continued support.

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