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Thames Path Walk... 180 miles

The Committee is pleased to announce that the Thames Path Walk raised a grand total of £3,491.50. A big thank you to all those who took part and those that helped to raise money. The money will be put towards providing more information on keratoconus including helping to fund our conference in June and our booklet for schools and colleges.

...This Group event set off on Saturday 7th September 2002 from the source of the Thames near Kemble in Gloucestershire. Mike walked the full 180 miles and others walked individual stages.

The finish was at Tower Bridge on the 12th day, Wednesday 18th September.

Q. So why did we put ourselves through 12 days averaging 15 miles a day?
A. All money raised will help fund more Group events and move forward on all the issues and the projects raised and discussed at last year's successful conference.

The event itself is also to help raise awareness of keratoconus generally.

Photographs of the walk

Anne's Report

Mike's Report

Contact Mike to make your donations..


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